What is a Myers Briggs Personality test? How does Life Maps coaching use it?

What is a Myers-Briggs Personality Test? While commonly referred to as the Myers Briggs Test or the MBTI Test, the MBTI® is not a test but a personality inventory or psychological instrument. A test implies that there are right and wrong answers which is not true in the MBTI®. The Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator measures one’s natural preferences on the four components of personality. By fully understanding these four natural preferences, you are more conscious of your natural strengths and how to best use those strengths to meet your needs effectively in any given situation.

Obtaining the results of a Myers Briggs Personality Type questionnaire is only the beginning step of understanding your personality. It’s like looking at yourself through a keyhole; a very narrow glimpse at the truth. The Myers Briggs Personality Type results are meant to be used with a Qualified Instructor who educates you and helps you interpret the results.

Want to truly understand your Myers Briggs Personality type?

Official MBTI® Qualified Practitioner, Beth Abel, offers the official questionnaire and the essential coaching time that is necessary to assess the accurate personality type that is your “Best Fit”.

Take the official MBTI® questionnaire and then purchase the essential coaching time for “Best Fit” along with your choice of the following focused reports:

MBTI® Profile (Form M) (click here for sample report)
MBTI® Career Report (click here for sample report)
MBTI® Communication Style Report (click here for sample report)
MBTI® Decision-Making Style Report (click here for sample report)
MBTI® Conflict Style Report (click here for sample report)
MBTI® Stress Management Report (click here for sample report)


Life Maps clients are empowered by:

  • Self understanding and understanding of others founded on Myers Briggs Personality Type which denotes the specific strengths of each personality type and its preferences. Life Maps coaches celebrate differences in personality types!
  • Discovering what motivates them best and why, based on personality type information. This insight brings forth the natural fuel of the personality to use in the journey to reach one’s life goals.
  • Coaching that gives clients focus on positive habit patterns and life skills, such as goal setting, that best suits the client’s personality type. With Life Maps, you will maximize your natural strengths.

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